About Me

cropped-20161209_0956011I don’t have a specific goal.  I just like to write.  Writing is discovering, and discovering is fun.

But I like truth.  The truth shall set you free.  I can’t say I disseminate it in purest form.  I can’t say I’m always right.  What fool would?  But, at the end of the day, or a lifetime, the more truth is a part of you, the closer you are to heaven.

But too many don’t love truth.  They love self-affirmation.  They love someone telling them that their current state of being is right and good.  They love hearing that change is unnecessary for the reality they want to believe is the real one.

So they seek everything but truth!  It’s easier to believe lies.  It’s easier to turn on the television and let carefully crafted sounds and images comfort you like a drug. It’s easier to turn to all sorts of substances to quell a conscience screaming for free expression – for the TRUTH.

I’m not saying my conscience is perfect.  And I’m not saying I’m better than ANYONE.  I KNOW I’m not.   God teaches this clearly.

But, for the time, I like to write to make my world better.