Remembering my father on Lake Powell

Ralph-TorelloMy father was born June 2nd, 1938.  He would have been 79 today.  But, after fighting for his life, he passed on Wednesday August 17th of last year.  His obituary is here.

What does this have to do with Lake Powell?

I think my dad would have liked Arizona.  He would have liked Sedona, Grand Canyon and all the other Southwestern landscapes that have brightened my days.

I was thinking about him a lot this past Wednesday on Lake Powell.  I wished he was with me.  It would have shed more light on what makes me come alive.  It would have helped him understand how important seeing these Wonders are to me, and why I rarely made money top priority.

But that didn’t happen… and that’s ok because I told him I love him many times, and he saw how similar I was to him in so many ways – especially our shared love of GOVERNMENT – which is the ultimate form of respect.

But it would still have been nice to share the time.

Lastly, I have no idea where life is going.  There is some force dragging me from place to place that I’ve yet to be able to resist.  I’m not lazy, dispassionate or unfocused.  But when I see what I saw Wednesday, which my photos do no justice, well, I just wonder, and wanna say to hell with plans.

Make sense?  No?  Ok.  I think my dad would’ve understood.

And if you don’t know where Lake Powell is, click here.


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