The Glory of God

16Look, God’s glory ain’t contained in my photos.  The source of all that is and will be – outside infinity and eternity – is impossible to contain in a mere photo, especially ones devoid of higher talent like mine.

But that’s not the point.  God’s glory IS in Arizona.  It IS on the mountain tops.  And I’m profoundly grateful to have walked the top of Sedona’s Wilson Mountain, not only to continue experiencing something of a second childhood, but also to see more of that glory inherent to God’s Creation.

And Earth is God’s Creation.  It was made for mankind. It was made for us to be fruitful and multiply upon (as we are not a mere infestation upon the false god Mother Earth).  It was created for health, happiness and countless other blessings.

Now, of course, many reject God.  They reject we’re in his Creation.  They claim all existence is a freak accident, that it’s chaos arising from slime and n12othingness.

Ok.  That’s their choice.  And I won’t address why there is something rather than nothing.  And I won’t address the vain construction of purpose to life that can only be derived from relegating it to mere freak accident by denying a Creator.

But I do disagree with those people: the atheists and materialists. I do say that there is scenery upon this earth that’s intelligently crafted with more talent than all artists that ever have been or will be, explicitly for creating a beauty that turns the hearts of all creatures to the highest realms from which everything comes.

As I often hear about Sedona, it’s hard to see the Red Rocks and not think there is a God.  That’s because the light, colors, forms, shadows of the Rocks stimulate the mind that causes contemplation of how such scenery actually came to be.  It stimulates imagin1bings of living life in a different way, perhaps because we feel something of God’s glory, and know it should play a deeper part of our life.

Of course, God’s glory is found elsewhere.  It is found in charity, forgiveness, love, hope, perseverance, longsuffering, forbearance and a thousand other virtues that bless the lives of neighbors whom we’re supposed to love.

But, it IS here too.  The rocks do cry out God’s Glory – and I’m not the only who around here who says this.  And I felt acutely obliged to say this after this hike…

And check out the rest of my nifty photos!


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