Something of a second childhood


Went to Indian Gardens Thursday morning.  Got coffee.  Couldn’t sit still.  This view above was on my mind.

It’s good when this happens though.  It meant that the yearning to climb to the Steamboat Rock was too strong.  It meant that the day promised the exact happiness I intended to experience for moving Capture1here.  And the sunlight was perfect.

See, as the sun rises higher during spring, it casts a light different than winter’s.  Its more overhead angle means sunlight is traveling through less atmosphere.  Less of the colors of the spectrum are filtered out.  The light seems whiter.  It seems to make the natural colors of the rocks glow brighter.

It makes them mesmerizing at times.  And this is not exaggeration.  This part of Northern Arizona, and really the whole Colorado Plateau with its bright and crazy sandstone formations, glows like no other part of God’s Creation.  Maybe this is due to the crystals of the sand.  Maybe it’s something else.  I dunno.  But mesmerizing is a good word.

So, after getting angry at slow drivers, and parking at Midgley Bridge, I scouted out the route.  Of course there isn’t an official trail.  But that’s ok.  It’s easy enough to find your way up.  I just followed the gentle incline up, as indicated by the red line in the photo above.  Overall, the trek took me an hour and 20 minutes to the top.

And the view there was nice.  I called some people at Uptown to see ifCapture3 they could see me, and get a photo.  My wearing a light blue shirt that perfectly matched the sky didn’t help.  Of course, I doubt they will ever be accused of being the greatest photographers of all time.

Anyways, Steamboat Rock is bigger than you think.  I’d estimate the steamstack, or the sail of a Viking ship, to be 80 feet high.  It rises above the Ft. Apache limestone, the “deck” of the ship, climbing up20170420_110929 the which on the backside of the Steamboat being the most dangerous part.  Good thing I’m such a brave man.  It’s even better that my graphic arts prowess is so advanced!  See my snip above with the 80′ steamstack.

And then Mr. Tummy got hungry.  I wasn’t up for 5 hours anyway.  So, I took several panoramas atop.  Maybe they’re ok.  Shoulda’ had my better camera with me.  Took all these with my phone.

Regardless, yes, it was fun.  As I’ve said before, I’m not trying to forge an internet avatar.  I’m not trying to make my life seem something it is not.  There’s still a lot to figure out.

But I am very grateful for the painful anticipation I can feel when setting out on some hikes, like I did Thursday the 20th.  Nothing else matters in those moments.  No worries of adulthood plague me.  The feeling’s like what I remember from childhood.

 Maybe I should get more serious about life.  But I dunno.




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