Are my words on Nature bullcrap?

In a previous blog I said places like Grand Canyon elevate the mind to higher and nobler perceptions.  Is that total bullcrap?  And do you care?

Well, once people cared.  They understood ideas are the basis of thought and action.  To ignore them is to walk obliviously to the power of other ideas most people blindly accept as immutable reality, simply because that’s what everyone else thinks.  This makes people highly vulnerable to manipulators.  It leads to baseness and destroys lives.

Don’t agree?  Doesn’t matter.  I’m right!  Ideas are important!

But this is about whether I am full of crap.  This is about what Nature’s wonders, like Grand Canyon, do for the soul.  This is about whether or not places of such stunning beauty that God put upon the earth for man to experience actually ennoble the mind to perceive higher truths, so that we may live better lives.

And I assert exactly that!  Nature is pure and lovely.  It’s beautiful.

It’s beautiful because it’s pleasurable to see.  Now, why Great Abysses in the earth that are 15 miles wide, 1 mile deep and extend over 40 miles to the end of each horizon, and host a breadth of life and colors and forms that exist nowhere else on planet earth – why this scenery evokes such pleasure within our psychology is beyond me right now.

Maybe Nikolai Tesla’s Ether was an accurate depiction of God’s Creation.  Maybe there is a Substance that fills the interstices of all energy and matter, which is the medium by which light waves reach the eyes, as sound waves require air to reach the ears.  Maybe, as we are immersed in Nature, that Ether Substance transmits an energy that is more harmonious to the quantum core of the world God created for man.  After all, from dust we come… and to dust we shall return.

But again, this question is beyond me now.  I can say, though, that Nature’s beauty quiets minds.  It takes us beyond the ordinary.  It allows you to experience natural states of being wherein the vanities of man’s artificial world do nothing to improve the pleasurable and even fulfilling moments in which you stand upon the mountain top and look into the valley below.  They do nothing to improve the view.

These moments plant seeds.  They make us look forward to more of those views, and, in so doing, disrupt the programming the world forces upon our minds as we work the gears of its machines for money to live.  We dream more of good things.   We see the sun over land and feel its warmth right now.  We see ourselves immersed in this world God would have us experience and draw closer to Light.

At least, this is what seems so to me.  I am grateful for the moments of utterly intense happiness that the majesty of God’s natural world has blessed me with for so much of my life.  I am grateful for the sun over the San Francisco Bay waters that serve as my first vivid memory.  I am grateful for the sun over Texas’ Pines and Plains, Oklahoma’s Arbuckles and Wichitas, Hawaii’s Beaches, Switzerland’s Alps, New York’s Forests…

And especially Northern Arizona…

John Fitzgerald Kennedy said, “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”  As gratitude for Nature’s beauty has swelled throughout my years, as those feelings have manifested actions different from those of many I know and love, I find myself attuned to contemplations like herein written, which are fun to write!

Maybe these contemplations stink.  Maybe they are self-indulgent gobbledygook manifesting from some vain desire to seem like Ralph Waldo Emerson.  But I don’t give a damn.  They have helped keep me sober.

As I plod further into a life completely devoid of alcohol, which has lasted for over three months now, contemplations that you’re reading here keep temptation at bay.  Instead of enjoying Russian Imperial Stouts while watching episodes of Babylon 5 to de-stress, I think of the sun over California to where I intend to go next week, if God is so gracious, and write these words.

I do say my life is better because of the beauty I’ve sought.  It’s elevated me, at least in this moment, above the baseness of alcohol,  and especially TV which destroys lives by disassociating man from God’s natural world.

Thus, I thank God for the blessings of sobriety, for the fun of this blog, for anticipation of future writing highs.  And you can still judge how full of crap I am for the above!


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