Bushwhacking to Balancing Rock

I don’t have life figured out.  Frustration, anger and despair attack.  Others can say worse things about my character.  I disclose this because I’m not trying to make false avatars.

But, on this day, regardless of how figured out life is, regardless of good or bad future expectations, there was no doubt that this trek – which was only walking not “whacking” – up to the Balancing Rock above Sedona’s Vultee Arch Road was exactly what I was supposed to do.  And one should be grateful for moments wherein not a damn thing else in the world matters.

I didn’t know if I’d get to the base of the Rock, because maybe it would be too steep.  But, it was easy.  You just get to the ledge behind and below the Rock, and walk the narrow ledge on the north side to the front, and walk a smooth incline up to the base.

The rock is 35′ to 40′ high.  You can see my backpack in one of the photos for scale.  And, yeah, it was fun.  It was a feeling of accomplishment.  It proved that there is still much to enjoy in Sedona, and that seeing places from afar are very different than being at them.

You can click on each photo to enlarge them, and read my nifty comments.


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