I had my happiest dream!


It’s a recurring dream.  It’s almost always the same…

I am alone on rock mountains.  The sky is gray, but the feeling is happy.

I look around and wonderment possesses me.  My imaginatBalancing Rock Closeupion is fired by all the crannies, crags and crevices to explore.  The feeling in the dream is pleasurable.

Then I wake up.

Last night was different though.  I was on rock mountains, but the sky was blue, and I was not alone.  All above me were people using ropes and chains to climb to the highest peaks.  I stood in awe, desiring to do the same.  Then I woke up.

And, upon waking, the desire to climb to the Balancing Rock on Sedona’s Vultee Arch Rd burned.  You see a crappy photo of it on the right.

My point?  Dunno.  I guess I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity to experience something of my dreams in reality.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to experience something of a second childhood here at Sedona, as, were I young, with all my heart, I know I would expfb-backgrounderience the same desires, and do the same things.

And maybe those blue skies in the dream arise from gratitude for the rising sun and warmth.  They make Sedona’s horizons feel different.  Cold and sad memories were made amidst them this past winter.  But, amidst the cold and sad seeds of warmth and happiness were still planted.  They are now coming to fruition.

Maybe that’s really why the horizons feel different.  Regardless, I could never have forgiven myself had I not left Texas to follow the sun West to experience exactly this, to experience the joyous anticipation that motivated me to write these words, and head out.



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