Be kind. Be quiet. LISTEN.

A listening ear is medicine.  

When someone listens to your pain, and understands it, a weight is lifted off your chest.  You feel freer.  Another soul has felt what you do.

However, a great evil is that many don’t listen.  They just want to talk.  They want to make themselves seem better by out-talking another.

Other people become opportunities to exalt yourself.  What you’ve done; what you own; what you think; so on and so forth; become the center of your conversations.  It’s all about you. 

How can you hear pain that needs healing?  How can you hear joy that needs sharing?  You can’t.  You’re too absorbed with yourself.

This makes you boring.  After all, there are far more interesting things in life than only you.  

I’m not saying you have nothing to say.  We all do. 

But, poor listening skills leave your understanding unimproved by others’. It leaves you unaware of humanity teaching you subtle things fundamental to all souls, including yours.  Again, boring.

And running your mouth makes you less of a good person.  That’s because listening is caring.  It is opening up your heart and mind to the vicissitudes of another soul for that healing.  To not listen is to not care.  To not care is not to love thy neighbor!

So listen!  Have patience.  Have courage even.  After all, the venting of another could prick your conscience.  It could humble you.  You could learn some things about yourself you may not like.

But that’s ok!  That’s called growing up!  That’s called being an adult! 

Stifle the impulse to glorify yourself.  You’re only doing this in your own mind.  

And don’t lust for the end of a conversation just because you feel a little uneasy.  Be strong. Care.  Conversations are not all about you.  We’re supposed to be selfless actually.

So, be kind.  Be quiet.  LISTEN.  Watch the world change as you practice this. 


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