You must accept that joy will come.

Joy is coming.  It can’t help but to.

Yes, pure joy will surge through your body at some unexpected point in the future.  This will happen the rest of your life.  This is an absolute, undeniable truth.

You can recall many times when you were feeling bland, down or depressed when, suddenly, some piece of news, some kind word, or some inspiration instantly changed your state of being into that of pure joy.  This will happen again.  

Maybe it was receiving a big chunk of money.  Maybe it was getting a new job.  Maybe it was learning of the opportunity to travel.  Maybe it was knowing that you were falling in love with someone that is falling in love with you.

You fill in the blank.  But, the point is that just knowing you will experience many more moments like this – AND YOU WILL – is something to consider.  Maybe it is something to dwell on.  Maybe you can derive happiness right now by dwelling on it right now.

Maybe deriving happiness right now makes this thing all the more probable.  Lots of people say exactly this.

Regardless, it does make me happy, in this exact moment as I type these words, to know that life-changing joy will come to me.  It IS an undeniable fact.  It IS only a matter of time.


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